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At some level, each of us are broken but afraid to admit it. Not everyone is an empath, though. I'm unfortunately both. When I feel like I can't connect with someone emotionally, usually someone who is NOT an empath, I feel broken and write in a way relatable way for everyone. I say that I'm the black box warning on prescriptions; the rare side effects will happen to me. I'm the middle of 5 girls and in my case every stereotype is true. But I have the best family anyone could ask for. I hope to make you laugh, cry, question my sanity ( and yours) and go into the world to make a difference for the better. At times I'm vulgar and a bit of a potty mouth, just a warning. Everything has the potential to be hilarious but I also know when things are real and get real. Enjoy


I always have a lot to say. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of people with time to hear it. So I write my thoughts and feelings down whenever and wherever I can but tend to forget where I put that which I wrote on. I lost count of the number of journals I have. I finally decided to create a blog since, like most people these days, my phone is also an appendage. Since I always have it I can bless you with the weirdness, the contemplation, the musings, the "did she just say that?" and more as it comes to my barely functioning brain. Plato said "opinion is the wilderness between ignorance and knowledge" and I hope to gain knowledge from you as well as provide it. 



Thoughts. Experiences. Inspiration. Random things that seem to mean nothing are the things I love to write about. Most of the time I get people pondering things they never gave a thought to in the first place. I've never been "in the box" not just because I'm very claustrophobic, but it's boring there. No doubt you'll question my sanity at times. I assure you, I'm sane. I'm just a rare diamond.

I'm a left-handed epileptic with a fat diabetic service dog who is my world. I married my best friend in 2009 and together we raised my 3 daughters and we are now raising our son and one of our granddaughters. Very excited about our grandson's arrival in October!  I was in the medical field but that sadly ended so now I write and irritate people with my mouth that lost its filter long ago. I have bad habits but a good heart. Empath to the core of me which is both good and bad. I love Jesus and my family. I have the best parents ever, 4 wonderful sisters and a husband who puts up with my crap! I'd love to get an Irish Wolfhound, name him Naked, and train him as my next service dog as my current one is losing his eyesight so if you know anyone......

I'm currently waiting on copyright certificates for 2 shows I'll pitch to the powers that be in Hollywood. Both will help people and make lives better for not just the people on the show, but the viewers, too.

Enjoy my musings. I have many and keep losing my journal so I'm pretty sure I'll be here quite a bit. However, I'm going back to college to be a psychologist, if ya can't beat em, join em, am I right? So I may not be here as often as I'd like. 

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