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Very soon we will have the forum up and running for our paid subscribers. For $7.27/mo you'll have exclusive access to interviews of inspiring people who have made a huge impact for the better in the lives of those around them. Including mine!

You can also get sneak peaks at a book I'm working on! Tell me what you think and make suggestions for changes!

I will also include how I got to where I am today while trying my best to keep you awake and promise I won't discuss why you can't trust some farts, only why you shouldn't hold them in. 😁

I will hold monthly contests, take suggestions about the next blog to write, and so much more! You can win mugs or shirts, pens or bumper stickers with one of the category names and the URL to this site so stay tuned! It's going to be so fun! I want to get to know each of you on this crazy ride we call life and happy to write about any subject you want!

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