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Best Kind of Person

Earlier today I asked you to describe your best kind of person. This is my answer!

How would I describe my best kind of person has so many verbs I couldn't begin to even fathom how many. But generally speaking, kindness, loyalty, loves Jesus so much they actually shine, non-judgemental, and regardless of the kind of day you had, you get to cry, laugh, vent, even throw up if it's a Friday or Saturday night, all over this best kind of person. There would also be no complaining when you accidentally on purpose drink the entire bottle of wine and not even offer one drop. Does this sound too good to be true? It isn't. I have the best kind of person right here next to me and basically described almost attribute.

My best kind of person lives with me. We all know my best friend MJ. I blogged about her and what its like to be friends with someone who has BPD. But this is different. This one knows things that I know and God knows. This one only knows because I can guarantee he will never tell my secrets. EVER. He helps me write my song lyrics, too. We he likes the direction of the song, he stares at me, if he hates it he just leaves! Could give me some input but does he? Nope. Jerk. He's also pretty good at reading me and vice versa.

He loves me at my worst, loves me at my best, and everything in between. I've used parts of his body as kleenex and he doesn't even care. He forgives me right away when I mess up or can't spend a lot of time with him. He's always there for me no matter the time of day or what he's going through. He just loves me and shows up.

He's faithful and loyal to a fault and he's extremely funny. He's made me laugh so hard that I literally peed my pants. Weak bladder, babies, old, blah blah blah....

He's also literally saved my life so many times. I've honestly lost count. Nearly all of these qualities mirror the qualities of Jesus and that's what I hold on to when losing him crosses my mind. I know I'll see him again. He, and so many more like him, help people in many different ways, too.

In some countries, he would sustain life by being food. But here? Some people call the best kind of person a dog. I call mine Sheldon, my seizure alert service dog.

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Cathleen Pierucci
Cathleen Pierucci

It's just a random dog Vince found. Sheldon. Isn't really getting grey yet


This must be a younger Sheldon!


Vince Pierucci
Vince Pierucci

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