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Sisterhood Part 1

I’ve never had a sister before let alone 7. For those that know me you understand that I have recently discovered my 7 sisters at age 49.  I’m 50 now and in these few short months I have gotten to know my four sisters on my fathers side.

Besides daily texts between all of us, I had the honor of meeting each of them May 8, 2023.   This changed my life forever.  I felt instantly apart of something bigger than just myself. A family … four sisters.   Each of them so different and unique and yet equally as graceful and beautiful.  I instantly fell in love with each of them that day and my love grows stronger still each day that passes.

I have experienced one and a half sister fights between us. I recall the feelings “oh god, no! They’re all going to hate me!”

What I realized was one; I was in the middle of my first ever sister fight, how cool is that!

and two; no one was going anywhere. What!? No one hates me? they still love me? Mind blowing because I spent my life being abandoned by those that claimed they loved me but never truly showed true unconditional love like I experienced with my four sisters.

I spent my childhood wishing and praying for a sister. I was always alone growing up and lonely. This sadly carried into my adulthood until now 50 damn years later.  Now I have I four that I can say I can truly count on. That I can say I love truly and unconditionally and they love me the same.

How blessed am I to be gifted such a miracle. I am grateful everyday to each of them for filling my heart and keeping me straight. I love you Chapple women you amaze me with your strengths and perseverance despite all the fucked up challenges you have faced in each of your lives. I admire you.

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Cathleen Pierucci
Cathleen Pierucci
May 25, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I love you. I'm so happy you have this now!

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