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Some Teachers.......

In every profession, even if that profession is couch surfing, there are bad seeds. Ever since Adam and Eve came to be there have been bad seeds. Eve was the bad seed and thanks to her, women get as close to death as possible just giving birth to a kid who will eventually hate her for a few years. Thanks, Eve! She started it and it has gotten worse. In today's world, our teacher's are victims more than people realize.

Locally, there was a teacher arrested for taking a hairbrush from a student's hand that supposedly caused an injury. This teacher also "threw papers in the air causing a paper cut on the temple" of this student. I sure would like to know what happened BEFORE the brush was taken and how on earth can taking the brush cause an injury? I've gone over this scenario in my mind so many times and still can't figure it out! The paper cut on the temple, ok, easy to figure out. But teachers don't usually lose their minds suddenly and this event certainly didn't warrant the actions taken against this teacher.

This kid is in junior high. We all remember what that was like, right? Hair growing in places we didn't realize would have hair, boys stunk to high Heaven and sounded like that groundhog in Winnie the Pooh or like a baby one second and a man the next. Then pre-menstrual girls mixed in with that and rooms full of funk and raging hormones that these little know-it-all turds had no idea how to cope. Remember that time in your life? So I'm assuming this little girl wanted to make herself pretty for some jerk who couldn't care any less because he just wants to go home and make sure his junk is still in place before playing XBOX. So she was probably told to put it away and not so politely chose to be a brat. I mean, junior high is all about beauty, right? The brains thing comes later. So this poor teacher then probably got frustrated and rightly so, and tossed papers in the air and this little princess got a papercut to the temple. Awwwww.....poor girl.

Wrong. Poor teacher. Just you wait. The police are called and they escort this teacher IN HANDCUFFS off campus and arrest her for CHILD ABUSE!!!!!! Yeah, you read that right! Rumor is that it escalated to that level because little miss my-hair-needs-to-be-perfect has parents who work at the sheriff's office. What the hell kind of bullshit is that? So the lesson here, folks, is your profession, if in the legal system, is that your hellian offspring can act like a little disrespectful shit and ruin the career of a teacher who probably really does enjoy teaching but just got fed up with all the crap! Now this kid has learned that she doesn't have to do what authority figures tell her to do and she just needs to have them arrested to get her way. HELL NO

Personally, I think most teachers deserve the Nobel Peace Prize and some could qualify for sainthood. The ones who qualify for sainthood are the ones who miraculously made it through the day without smacking the kids who spit, punched, kicked, screamed, mimicked pointing a gun at, ignored the kids very loudly talking on their phones after being told at least 100 times to get off, had their lives threatened in other ways, chairs thrown at them, and oh so much more. Why aren't those little shits dragged off campus in handcuffs for abuse? For violating the zero tolerance policy schools supposedly have. For making death threats?

My 13 yr old son knows to be responsible for his actions and that if he won't accept responsibility himself that I will be the one to turn his ass in.

Teachers need and deserve more respect than this and kids need to learn that they have to follow rules, regardless of who their parents are and where they work. The parents also should be ashamed of themselves for their actions.

Sad. sad all around

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