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WE ARE LIVE!!!!!!!!!!

If you've just been dying to help me feed my fat diabetic service dog, and I know you have, you're in luck!!!

Guess what, beautiful people?!

You can now become paid subscribers! For $7.27 per month you get exclusive access to member forums, the interviews with guests who have made a positive impact in society or in my life or who would inspire anyone, really. You'll have exclusive access to content, Q & A sessions, live chat sessions and so much more. But how many of you are wondering about the weird amount of $7.27? My guess is everyone. Side bonus....this week only, when you sign up as a paying member, I'll send you a free bumper sticker with my gorgeous face and this website! You know you want one!!!!

When I was in high school, there was a program off campus called Campus Life. We met every Monday night at 7:27 and they figured if was a weird time like that that we'd be on time. They were right. At campus Life we put on Scream in the Dark which was basically a huge haunted house walk through thing. We built it and participated in it. We went to Bible retreats to be closer to God and closer to nature. I respect people's religious views and all are welcome here, I ask that you please respect mine. All I have and all I am is thanks to God and my belief in Him. The $7.27 helps me recoup some of my expenses and also goes towards school as I've enrolled for a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a mental health specialty. I'm old, but not dead so why not? Writing, seeing the silver lining in nearly everything, and sleeping are my hobbies. Helping others is my passion.

You guys inspire me but this takes time and effort so let's do this, yeah?

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